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Apr 27, 2016
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Hi There,
I have been a cpanel customer for almost 12 years now and never move away or enjoyed plesk etc. Can we kindly find out from Cpanel staff, how much longer we have to wait to get Horde-Active sync that comes with a stable open source version of Z-Push enabled on Cpanel? Even getting something like Sogo groupware with ActiveSync as main mail program.
These are must have solutions in this mobile era.

Bringing this feature cannot be hard for you guys right? unless Microsoft and Google apps for business is forcefully holding you up for another 5 years until they make their big $$$ from startups who cannot even afford to pay $1 x 10 mail boxes per month for a single mail box ?

What I noticed was many users don't spend time configuring CalDav/CardDav on their mobile phones as there is a lot of troubleshooting efforts to get it to work with cpanel, while many ended up giving up therefore cal-dav and carddav feature brings very less value . Horde with Z-push totally elimnates this issue as it takes few steps to get it to work, if you include this.

I thought the cpanel technology will get better with time. In this mobile technology era, still startup businesses cannot benefit from the sync techology within cpanel when there is a stable version of Z-Push availble.

Cpanel is the only company to make a difference to the world in this regard so people will never think of Cpanel to Plesk migrations or Cpanel to office365, Google apps, Zimbra (another expensive product) migrations in order to use a mail program.

***Or At least give some instructions on how we can embed horde5 with active sync as one of the 3 default by removing one from the 3 exiting webmail(either Squirrel Mail, Rounde Cube or the current Horde), so the the horde version can become a default webmail program.

***Also we do not like to see cpanel version upgrades wipe out the newly installed Horde with activesyn.

***Question is, are any solutions by within cpanel emails? If it is possible, will the updates wipe out the new horde installation that comes with activesync? Or is there way to install Z-push installed and get it to work with existing horde that your developers packaged without activesync?

*******Or if you say if the above are not possible at all, at the very least when you are planning to introduce this very vital function (Active sync)?

I really expect a very lively and positve answer from one of the cpanel representatives on behalf of the community. Please please... Get us some solutions so that we can use it within cpanel. Thanks


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Thank you for taking the time to offer feedback on the reasons you would like to see this feature implemented. We do have an active feature request open on this at:

ActiveSync with Horde 5.x

It's a planned feature, but we currently have no specific time frame to offer on it's implementation. Would you mind pasting your feedback to the comments section of the feature request? Feedback and votes on the feature request website help us in the decision making process when implementing new features. The feature request website also allows you to subscribe to the feature so you can receive updates on the progress of it's implementation.

Thank you.