Add additional special FTP users.


Feb 10, 2011
I have a client that cannot send upload via SFTP which is the default port and the only one accessible when you create a user outside of cPanel through the stanard linux command line. I am running Centos 5+. Like I said, I created a new user with the useradd bash command but that user is only allowed SFTP access. I tried creating the user inside of cPanel but I am forced to put a domain on the end of the username: [email protected]. Again, I have a client with an upload script but for some reason adding the domain breaks the clients script. In cPanel > FTP accounts there is a normal user list and a special user list. All of the special users are able to use FTP regularly. I can't find a way to add more users to that list. I read on this website that users cannot be removed from the list but nothing on whether or not more can be added to it. Does anyone know what I can do? Even if not through cPanel, is there a way to allow a normal user, not created in cPanel, access to standard FTP? Thanks.


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Dec 12, 2011
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Hi totbar,

If you want to add regular users on a server having no cpanel to access the FTP server, I am assuming VSFTP(Very Secure FTP) so please follow the below steps:
1. You can install vsftp with yum as yum install vsftpd
2. In your vsftpd.conf, deny anonymous users access for security: anonymous_enable=NO
3. Add a group for ftp users groupadd abc
4. Make a shared directory mkdir /home/abcdocs & give it the group abc permissions only chown root:apple /home /appdocs /* and also run that command too chmod 750 /home /appdocs /*
5. Create an FTP user as useradd –g apple –d /home /appdocs myfirstftpuser
6. Give the FTP user a good password passwd myfirstftpuser
7. Now access your files and create more users in the above way & access the files using Filezilla client :)