Add Calendar Functionality to Cpanel Mail Server?

Tharun Sonti

Jan 24, 2015
Brisbane, Queensland, Australi
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We're using Cpanel to host a website and a mail server and we want to add group/shared calendar functionality?

To access our email accounts some of us are using Outlook and some people are probably using iMail or whatever mac people use. And I was asked to see if we could add calendar functionality. The way it was described was so that e.g. when a person added their email account to their iphone then it should also come with a calendar.. Or like how gmail has calendars that come with it.

I know very little about web programming /website /mail management stuff so not sure how the calendar + mail integration and stuff even works.. Looking into something called CalDAV at the moment..? Am I on the right track?

Is there easy to use/install calendar software out there that you can just put on a cpanel server? Can any of the calendars on the following site be run of a Cpanel server?


I'm also looking at Google Calendar as well and Google apps? But google calendar requires other users to have a google account which defeats the point of having a calendar for our domain anyway?

I thought I'd ask here in the hope that some of you who run websites or manage web and mail servers for student groups/companies.etc. would explain how this stuff works /help /point me in the right direction?

Thanks for your help! :) It's much appreciated! :)


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Apr 11, 2011