Add DNS Only server to Main WHM server


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Sep 4, 2001

I have had a single WHM hosting server for some time. I would like to add a DNS Only server and configure clustering so that the zone files on the main WHM server sync over to the DNS only server. I would then plan to point my ns2 nameserver record to the DNS Only server IP. My goal here is to have ns1 and ns2 on two physical servers and allow WHM to keep them syncronized when zone changes/additions are made to the Main WHM server.

I've started to set this up, but getting confused with the Roles on each server and why the diagram doesn't seem to update after adding the DNS Only server to the cluster on the Main WHM server.

1) Does/Should Clustering be enabled on the DNS Only server as well as the main Server?
2) I add the DNS only server as a server to the main WHM server and the trust seems to take affect. Each server then shows the other server as a "Stand Alone" server. This is where I get confused on what should be selected for each?

Am I off-base here? Is what I want to do even possible? Or to I have to have 3 servers? 1 hosting and 2 DNS only?

Thanks in Advance!


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

1. You can simply select "Setup Reverse Trust Relationship" when adding the DNS-Only server to the cluster on your hosting server and you will not have to configure clustering on the DNS-Only server.

2. In the WHM of the hosting server, browse to "Configure Cluster" and update the DNS Role of the DNS-Only machine to:

"Synchronize Changes"

3. Yes, the setup you are seeking is fully supported. The following guide should be useful to you:

Guide to DNS Clustering

Thank you.