add multiple domains for point multiple folders in single cpanel


Feb 20, 2012
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Hi friends,

Am developing one of ecommerce store creation website. In that website users can join and create their store. After store creation automatically subdomain will create and point that store.

In that user profile, i have provided option to add domain name. Once domain name updated, it will add in cpanel as add on domain. Also i have point hosting dns in that domain provider. When i open that domain, its redirected to the created subdomain store.

I dont need to redirect when i open that domain. when i open that domain, it need to run under that domain.

Let me know that add on domain option is incorrect for do that. I have write the script for add on domain. What i have to do instead of add on domain? I need to setup anything when domain point in cpanel.

Actually i have created the subdomains in same cpanel. And also i need to create multiple domains for that subdomains.

Please advise its taking too longer to finish this job.

Am also searching in internet and trying to finding solution, i cant find. Only whm panel create new domain hosting account script is available. This whm new account creation is not suite for us. Any advise.

I need the script for this.


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Apr 4, 2011
Houston, TX
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Hello. Just to clarify, you're wanting a solution that does the following:

- from your website, customers will be able to sign up for an account, then choose the options you have for their store, including entering the domain details they want to use for the ecommerce site.
- then you want your site to contact the cPanel server and create the necessary parts needed with the information given.

One question, any reason you're wanting to create addon domains on the cPanel server instead of separate hosting accounts?