add-on domain OR sub-domain dedicated IP for SSL


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Oct 2, 2010
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Please specify what script precisely or what you are wanting done. There are already feature requests to allow multiple IPs per account, so I'm trying to determine if this is some feature request or you require assistance in having steps on how to assign multiple IPs to an account.

It is actually easy to assign a different IP to a subdomain or addon domain. You can simply edit /var/cpanel/userdata/username/ and /var/cpanel/userdata/username/sub.domain.com_SSL files to provide a different IP there, then you can edit the DNS zone in WHM > Edit DNS Zone for the addon domain and subdomain to have it use that other IP.

At that point, you'd run the commands to rebuild Apache and restart it to have the new IP take effect:

cp /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf.bak111109
/etc/init.d/httpd restart
I don't even know which cache script would impact this update since nothing should be cached if you use the above method to modify the IP for the subdomain or addon domain.