add-on domains requires a new username?


Apr 5, 2008
hi there
i have a question about the add-on domains feature. i've noticed this a few times now, and want to know why it does this, and if there might be anyway to stop it.
i have a few customers with more than one domain. so one of their domains is set as their primary domain, and then the others are set as add-ons. however, when you create a new add-on domain, it asks you to create an ftp username & password at the same time. however, the user already has an ftp login for their primary domain, which they can access /home/username, and navigate from there.
i've noticed that if you specify the account's main login name and password, you can somewhat circumvent this issue. however, it doesn't matter what username you use, it creates a subdomain for that username under the primary domain, so, etc..
can anyone explain what's going on here, why it's doing it, and is it necessary? and if not, is there any way to stop this?
i used to use directadmin, and to add new domains was really simply. you just gave it the new domain name, and it'd setup dns and httpd etc for you. no new ftp user/pass, all accessible from under the main account's username.



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Nov 29, 2006
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After some experimentation of my own, I was unable to find a way to trick the interface into allowing me to create an Addon Domain without a user/pass.

I have noticed an increasing demand to remove this requirement. As a result, I strongly encourage you to submit an official feature request to regarding this and paste a link to your feature request here so others can add their own comments, vote for the feature etc.