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May 4, 2013
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I second what kazimir82 says in this thread

1) it's strange to force each add-on domain to have their own ftp account, especially in the case of something like and where both are really the same site, this should be optional and should be able to use an existing username.
2) it's not really a good excuse to say "mainly for convenience so say you hired a developer for that one site, you don't need to give him access to the main FTP". Where, then, is the equivalent in the main account that creates an ftp user that's chrooted to the public_html directory?
3) this creates a domain in dns like This exposes the ftp username to the world in dns. This is a terrible idea.
4) I noticed that if you go in and manage the mail accounts, that this domain shows up in the list of domains. I really don't want that in there, it's confusing to the user and I can't imagine where I would want to use that.
5) mixing the username in a domain name which is in dns is just wrong on so many levels. They are not the same type of thing and should not be combined and exposed like that.
6) the new ftp usernames that get created are not in fact simply just 'username', they're '[email protected]', this actually is logical. So I really don't understand why you needed to create a domain name

To fix this, can't you just use [email protected] as the unique username instead of And then remove this domain, or at least hide it or filter it and don't publish it in dns? I would definitely filter that out of the list of possible email domains. Even if you have to use internally, why must this force the creation of a new user and why isn't [email protected] unique enough?

And lastly, as I said in another post, there seems like there should be a way to configure what the public_html directory is called and it should be able to be called by a template that includes $domain so it can be set to the main domain name.

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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

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