Add SSL to Domain Mapped in Wordpress Multisite


May 25, 2018
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Hi everyone,

I've read many posts related to the topic of SSL and Wordpress Multisite, but I was not able to find a proper solution to this question.

I'm trying to understand how I can use ssl in a domain that is mapped into a wordpress multisite with subdomains.

To be more specific:

1. I've a wordpress multisite installion with subdomains.
2. this multisite is installed into an account where is active a comodo wildcard ssl. This way I can have ssl into every subdomain created into the multisite, for example:
and so on..
3. The AutoSSL is active and enabled into the server and Let's encrypt certs are automatically generated for all accounts. Everything works fine as the comodo wildcard override correctly the lets'encrypt.
4. Now, I wish to map the domain with
this is preatty easy to do, as I can accomplish this with an A o CNAME dns record.
Actually I'm using the A record that point to the static ip address owned by the account.
the domain is mapped and works perfectly.

5. The problem comes out when I wish to setup my mapped domain as

I'm a little bit confused.
I read also about parked domain and addon domain but I can't understand how exaclty I can achieve this.

Ay help or suggestions qould be very appreciated.
Thanks in advance.