Add TXT record to server hostname immediately?


Nov 27, 2018
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I added it in WHM via the records

TTL of 1
text details

but it is not working. Not showing up.

restarting named
restarting httpd
restarting nginx
and doing restarting all again

still not working

How do i either add a TXT record to my hostname's dns, OR force cpanel to refresh it and update it immediately?

I do not have 48 hours for propagation.

I need it now as a way to get an ssl installed since cpanel did not renew it and now i have to wait for cpanel to process my signed hostname certification. In the meantime I don't see any way to upload the text file to verify another ssl for the hostname nor do i see any way to add the TXT record for verification which is not working


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Nov 14, 2017
Hello @webserverz1

TXT records are usually propagated fairly quickly. To expedite propagation you can set the TTL to a lower number. While it can take 24-48 hours for propagation to complete fully TXT records are usually seen in a matter of minutes.

You would just need to go to WHM>>DNS Functions >> Edit DNS Zone to add the record. If you did this and it's not showing up I'd suggest that you check to ensure that the server hosts DNS For the domain (the nameservers are pointed to your server)

I do want to point out that this may not be necessary if you will open a ticket as suggested in the other thread to resolve the issue you're experiencing with SSL.