Adding a third DNS server, couple questions


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Sep 20, 2013
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so I have an odd issue in a test environment.

I have 2 DNSOnly servers serving 4 Cpanel servers, and wanted to add a third DNSOnly server.

I am clicking around, looking at the settings of my original 2, and see something I was not aware of.

On the 2 original DNSOnly servers, 2 of my 4 Cpanel servers are added as "Standalone" servers under "DNS Cluster" - "Servers in your DNS cluster". 2 cpanel servers are not.

The DNSOnly servers do not have each other in the "Servers in your DNS cluster". Their "Path Diagram" shows only their own hostname.

This just seems like its set up very wrongly by someone.

On all the 4 Cpanel servers, both DNSOnly servers are added identically, with "Synch Changes" and "reverse trust setups". Their "Path diagram" shows:
  • ↳
  • ↳

I do notice that when doing some tests, with "Synchronize DNS Changes" - "Synch all zones to all servers" on the cpanel servers that it will synch a different amount of zones depending on what Cpanel server I do it from.

What has been done wrong here? All 4 cpanel servers are able to server live domains when tested.

Thanks in advance.


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Apr 11, 2011