Adding Active Directory Users to cPanel Account Group

Orlando Polanco

May 17, 2018
New York
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Root Administrator

Please excuse if this is posted in the wrong thread.

I am looking to add Active Directory users to the group that cpanel creates when an account is added.

I understand I have to hook into the create action to get my script to run, the problem is I can't seem to get the permissions to set correctly.

For example, I create a cpanel account in WHM named, the user jondoe and the group jondoe are created.

I than want to add the users in my active directory webgroup to the jondoe group.

So one by one I will add them with

usermod -aG jondoe username

This action completes but the users still have no access to files or to even list the directory contents.

I have not tried this with a local unix user yet, is there no support for AD users in cpanel?

Thank You


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @Orlando Polanco,

This isn't something that's supported as part of cPanel & WHM. You can vote for the existing feature request to integrate Active Directory with cPanel & WHM at:

Active Directory Integration

As far as manually setting this up as part of the operating system, you'll likely receive more feedback to this type of question on websites such as StackOverflow or the CentOS forums. Once you're able to get that working as intended, let us know if you need any help with setting up the hook.

Thank you.