SOLVED Adding DNS TXT Records To Subdomain

Tony S.

Sep 10, 2009
Hi. I am very lost and confused! I have a reseller cpanel hosting account. I created an account for a WordPress site. In the cpanel I created a subdomain. I want to add DNS TXT records to that subdomain for Mailgun verification purposes. The problem I'm having is when I go into my DNS Zone editor there is no subdomain listing only my main domain. When I click the "manage" Icon for my main domain there is a list of my sub domain name with an additional prefix like "" "" "" below my main domain name. When I click on add a record there is no "TXT" record in the dropdown list. All that is there is A, CName, and MX. My question is how do I get the TXT option to be added the Add Record dropdown list? Also how would I add the TXT records to my subdomain for Mailgun verification? Can you help?