Adding Domain names to CPANEL


Sep 12, 2006
Ok so I am using this host PicanaHost and the guy that is their support is being a total douche and its starting to make me mad.

I am very new to all of this, I know this is a simple question and I will probably feel like a dumby when I figure out how to do this, but nevertheless... here it goes

I have set the nameservers to the host account...I am hosting but I want to host numerous other names and the plan I have allows me to host my question to you guys is, do I park my domain names and how do I do that because I went to Park Domain name and it gives me an error...I am on a different computer so I can copy and paste it but it says: Using the nameservers with the following IP's ***********,********

Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server.

I CHANGED THE NAME [email protected]


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Oct 24, 2003
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have your host activate

Allow Creation of Parked/Addon Domains that resolve to other servers

(at least temporaly so you can add your domains) it may be a propagation issue if you have changed the dns