Sep 6, 2006
im sure its been asked a million times before. and yes YES, I did use the search feature above. ive tried to follow everything I search under 'domain setup', 'setting up a new domain', 'domain not resolving', and some others. If someone could take the time to help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Set up VPS hosting, WHM/Cpanel. When I signed up with the host, I specified a domain name I already own. Once my account was set up, I went to godaddy and changed my DNS settings. I then went into WHM, went to 'Account Information' and added the domain name I just changed DNS too. Within 6 or so hours, the domain name was resolving. Beautiful!

So now that I think im cooking, I go to 'Account Information' again and start adding all my other domains names (yes, unlimited domains, 5 ips). All accounts created, double checked the /~name directories, all working. Good. I went into 'Edit DNS Zone' in 'DNS Functions' - JUST to double check their dns entries. All entries are good, my host DNS. I then go to Godaddy, change the rest of my domain name DNS's to my host DNS and have sat quietly for over 48 hours. I'm starting to think I missed a step. Is there anything else I need to enter?

I'm banging my head against the monitor on this one. I've tried to search and read everything I can find. All I read is what I've done. Now I'm really trying to get this resolved before going to my host with a potentially silly question.

I could really use some help gents. Thanks


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Jul 28, 2003
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Assuming all the steps you list were actually done, you should have done everything correctly.
Give one of the domain names, if you could, so I or someone else can check it's DNS and nameserver settings against the registrar.


Jul 16, 2006
Sounds like you are using a nameserver provided to you, not your own nameservers, is that right? When you set up your account, your host entered your main domain info in the nameserver's DNS listings. You went to godaddy and pointed the main domain to the nameservers that your host provided. That works fine.

You need to have your host enter the information for all of your other domains into the nameserver's DNS listings as well or they wont work.

Going into 'edit zones' in WHM will have no effect on anything unless you are running your own nameservers.