Adding Nameserver and adding to cluster question


Sep 14, 2016
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Root Administrator
I am confused by two WHM settings.
Easy to say, that are Basic WebHost Managers Nameservers and DNS Cluster.
I can't understand there is any kind of the difference in the case which on my server environment.

Following are my environments.

Servers summary:
Five WHM servers and five DNS-only servers are running.
The DNS cluster isn't default setting kind of one WHM and one DNS-only.
All DNS-only servers point All servers.

I did following operations on WHM for DNS.
-I added four DNS-only domains to Nameservers in each WHM servers Basic WebHost Manager.
-I added five DNS-only servers to DNS Cluster in each WHM servers as Write-only.

I'd very appreciate if you taught me what's the difference between NameServer settings and DNS cluster settings on my environment because I'm afraid of there is something wrong effecting by my settings like conflicting.