Jun 29, 2003
I am adding a second server to my hosting company. But the server is a dedicated server for 1 client only. He wishes to still use the nameserver from the original server.
What is the easiest way to configure this?
What is the easiest way to transfer his sites to new server?
3 of his sites are IP based, what is easiest on those?
I am sure this is probably very easy and I will feel stupid when I get the answer, but rather have someone who knows tell me than just guess.
Thanks in advance.

I should also mention there is only 4 IPs with this server but 10 with 1st one.
Basically want I need to know is I have server A with and
Acquired server B
Want to transfer few accounts from A to B but keep and for those accounts. Only difference I wish for my client to see is faster machine without having to change anything and little to no downtime.
Am at a lose as to how to do this and cannot find anything to help me.

Can be reached at blatz337 @ if you have a good answer or can do this cheaply for me.
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Sep 26, 2004
sounds like you only need some dns changes... (once you tar up and move over all the user data). Change the ips in the moved domains dns zone to the new server... you might want to check into dns slaving as well, so updates are moved automatically to the nameserver's... but if it's not going to change much then it's not too bad to do it manually.