Additional FTP accounts at FreeBSD

Gleb Pupkin

Dec 16, 2003

Additional FTP account don't work for my customers. OS is FreeBSD 5.1
I've tested it by myself and just got 'Wrong username / password' msg...

Nothing at the logs.
This happened while ProFTPd was installed. Then I've installed PureFTPd manually and the result is the same! =(

Any suggestions?

Beforehand thanks 2 all.
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Jan 11, 2003
Additional FTP users

At least on RH9 with cPanel/WHM 8.5.4 R-72 you can run an additional pureftpd server using a non-standard port and virtual users.

Conflicts are the .pid file and the log file, so specify other than default names/paths for these files in the second server.

The cPanel pureftpd uses pureauth to read the pro-ftpd users -
there's no conflict with /etc/pureftpd.passwd and pureftpd.pdb

The cPanel copy of the daemon is in /usr/sbin but if you do ./configure
and make install-strip per the pure-ftpd instructions, the new copy goes to usr/local/sbin/ so there's no conflict here.

Now if someone would be kind enough to tell me an easy way to get the cPanel copy to recognize only one ip or a range of ips so I could use the second server with the standard port I'd be grateful. Oh, and it has to be done in a way such that cPanel won't overwrite the changes. Already tried the --bind option in /etc/sysconfig/pure-ftpd (used in place of /etc/pure-ftpd.conf), the configuration file,
but the server wouldn't start.

cPanel/WHM is a pretty great suite for webhosting, but it would be really nice to get a little documentation of the nuts and bolts so admins could get full use of their boxes without
worrying so much about breaking things.