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Nov 29, 2006
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Currently X3 is the default theme for cPanel/WHM (as of version 11). X/X2 will be phased out and X-based themes such as bluelagoon have already been phased out. You are welcome to cutomize the X3 theme that comes with cPanel 11 using the Branding Editor. You can access this by logging into the cPanel interface in cPanel 11 as a reseller or root level user and clicking on "Branding Editor" in the preferences block.

However here's a list of additional themes available for cPanel/WHM:

Commercial Themes Available From:

* CPSkins -
* Cpanel XP -
* Razor Skins -
* RVSkins -

Free Themes Available From:

* CKIN -

If anyone knows of any others, feel free to post them to this thread.