Addon domain cannot access email


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Jun 10, 2004
This new problem is driving me nuts and I can't find the solution.

There is one client on this server with an add-on domain that 'as of today' can no longer access their email accounts (POP, IMAP, Webmail). Their primary domain email is working fine along with every other clients' domains on this server to my knowledge.

I have confirmed this by creating a test email account on this add-on domain and then tried to access it unsuccessfully via POP or webmail.

We can create email accounts and change passwords for them on this domain but cannot login to them with any service.

I see nothing related to this account in any logs other than failed login attempts listed in LFD.

All services have been restarted

I did have a possibly related problem yesterday on this box where all sub and addon domain controls became inaccessible after a cPanel update. This was fixed by running a script recommended by cpanelkenneth in this thread and then updated cpanel again. After this, everyone's accounts seemed to be fine again until this client issue above.

Currently running version 11.24.0-C30944 on REDHAT Enterprise 5.2

Any ideas would be appreciated



Aug 5, 2007

I m finding that if you remove the addon domain you have to manualy edit the httpd.conf to remove the wrapper its not deleting the all the information