Addon Domain Directory Not Created Properly


Jan 11, 2019
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Have 2 domains on same classic hosting godaddy, need to upgrade both which requires new php. New to cpanel, and new otherwise still, all self learning via reading/researching myself. Decided since I am new for now to keep both websites active on classic hosting, add cpanel hosting, copy both websites files to cpanel, upgrade/work on both, when ready cancel classic hosting,then change cpanel domains to main website names. Godaddy rep created domain for me when I added cpanel because I did not want to buy new domains for this temp. situation. She said just upload files to primary domain she created, create Addon domain for 2nd domain and upload files, and both sites would be working. Root directory had the new domain folder automatically added that the rep created. I uploaded files, it worked. So I created Addon domain, cust. rep. said wait 24 hours for propigation. Root directory showed the Addon folder created automatically so went ahead and uploaded files to it too. Waited 24 hours for Addon domain, get 403 error. Cust Rep said there was technical error and they had to delete my public_html folders/files and etc. Said to create both domain folders in directory that were deleted. So created the 2 folders here: root/public_html/primarywebsitenamehere and root/public_html/addondomainname, uploaded files in each folder. Primary domain showed something exciting coming soon and not website, and addon domain "does not exist". Cust. rep. had me delete everything in public_html, create folder again for primary domain in root/public_html/primarywebsitenamehere and to delete addon domain and create a new addon domain. Now, when I create Addon domains, there is no automatic folder created in the directory for any that I create...?? And when creating the folder for the primary domain under root/public_html/primarywebsitenamehere like they are telling me to do and I upload files, nothing happens. Every cust. rep tells me something different with no solution, this has been for the past 5 days now. Since they deleted everything in public_html I am having all these issues with both domains when it was just the addon domain originally. Can someone please tell me, do I need to be creating the 2 folders they deleted for the primary domain and the addon domain in root/public_html/HERE? If yes, why would they not work when I upload files? If no, where? Why are the addon domain folders not being automatically created in the directory now when I create an Addon domain? Using cpanel version 70.0.51
My apologies for this being so long, wanting to make sure I provide as much info as I can.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hi @shnncof,

I'm glad to see the issue was sorted. Thanks for updating us with the outcome.