Addon Domain FTP Account


Jan 18, 2009
cPanel obviously did exactly what I told it to do, instead of what I wanted it to do! Hopefully, that bug will be fixed in the next version. :D

After creating an addon domain, I noticed that a file, .ftpquota, had appeared in the root directory of the addon domain but there was no similar file in the root of the primary domain to which I obviously had FTP access. I was told that the file in the addon domain was for tracking FTP access by the username created with the addon domain. Based on that, and since I am the only user, I thought that file would be unnecessary and things would just be cleaner if I deleted that FTP account and accessed the addon domain by creating a separate login in my FTP client logging into the primary domain and specifying that it start in the addon domain/subdirectory. So, I deleted FTP account for the addon domain choosing "Yes & Remove All Files in DIRECTORY_PATH." The addon domain/subdirectory disappeared from the public_html directory.

What happened, probably shouldn't surprise me, but I don't really understand, and understanding what was going on was the real purpose of the exercise - curiosity killed the cat. Confusing me further, is the fact that the addon domain is still shown under Domains - Addon Domains in cPanel, but not in public_html either in cPanel or when I log in with FTP.

Having read the cPanel documentation, I am still fuzzy on what happened. If I recreated the same addon domain again and deleted the FTP user account created in the process, but did not elect to "Remove All Files...," would that accomplish what I was trying to do? Any explanation would be appreciated.