addon domain goes to main domain url


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Jun 4, 2011
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Hi all,

I have a addon domain under a cpanel account.Say the addon domain as and cpanel account as , both of them are wordpress domains.My problem is when click any link in the " " the web browser automatically changes in to url like " this " dir1 " is the document dir of my addon domain under public_html .I dont want to change the url like this , i want the sty like . is this anything do with cPanel , or its a wordpress setting issue ?

Thank you.


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Oct 2, 2010
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I've moved this thread as cPanel Developers area would be for threads about development for cPanel such as API calls. This thread is a redirection issue that would not fall into that category.

As for what is happening, it sounds like a WordPress issue when you setup the wordpress installation to go to the incorrect url. How was WordPress installed onto the addon domain?

Next, it would be highly appreciated if sentences being typed were properly punctuated with 1 or 2 spaces after each period and 1 space after each comma but not before the comma, similar to how I am doing. This is a good example here in this paragraph, where the period is immediately after the end of the final word in the sentence and the next sentence in that paragraph has 1 space or 2 after it. Thanks for doing that!