Addon Domain: Manage Subdomain(s) Only, not the Primary Domain

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Dec 7, 2017
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I have an account, my main account, let's call it Blue and it hosts on IP (for sake of example). My friend has a domain on their own server, let's call it (for sake of example). We want my server to handle all wildcard domains (* not already being managed by's DNS, specifically on the Blue account because that has all the software and environment on it we want to handle *'s traffic. We also want SSL enabled.

I'm really close to figuring this out. Here's what I know I need to do:
  • My friend adds DNS records for
    * 300 300 300
  • I add all of's nameserver IPs to "Configure Remote Service IPs"
  • I go into the Blue cPanel account and... somehow magically (this is the part I can't figure out) only add * as an addon subdomain and configure it do the subdirectory I want to handle its traffic
  • I install the letsencrypt plugin for AutoSSL and run it for the Blue account
Now I can accomplish this if I add as an addon domain with all of the subdomain and DNS configuration that comes with it including www and webmail and cpanel etc etc and then add * as a wildcard subdomain, but ***I don't want*** the server to try to manage the primary domain, I only want to manage the wildcard subdomain.

Is there a way to do this properly? If not, to what extent can I edit the DNS records and remove all the crap I don't want? How else can I trim this down to configure only the minimum necessary to accomplish what I want?


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I think you're doing everything correctly. Since the DNS for isn't managed and also isn't pointed to your machine, the site itself won't point here even though it may create that domain as part of your setup process. It will exist on the server, but just not be used.

After you create the domain you're welcome to remove any DNS records that you aren't using, such as the "cpanel" and "webmail" entries as that won't negatively impact the account at all.