Addon domain on GCP (Google DNS) + Option for Premium IP for addon domain


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Mar 2, 2020
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Hello again :)
I succeed to install cPanel on GCP on the best side by the book of cPanel.

but have a couple of problems i still deal with. ( problems can be fixed and bypassed, not something serious )
as you know guys on GCP, the DNS of cPanel is not effective, and all the control is in GCP.

Is a little bit problem, because GCP generate for each domain NS records from his own, and
the clients are obligated to do internal nameservers:
How to create name servers for Google Cloud – cPanel

and this too:

It is mean:
You need to copy all the records cPanel generate to GCP DNS
now is a little problem with the addon domain...
this is because the construction of GCP is different from cPanel.

Now 2 solutions in my mind.
1. is to try to change the ns record inside the addon domain in GCP DNS. ( not good GCP not recommended to do it, so maybe internal NS servers on reseller mode? )

2. Is to buy another public IP from google and somehow assign it to the addon domain, but my problem, I check it, and i found this:

As you see,
It is before a year ago.
Right now we are now on version 100.0, cPanel may be made an option for it?
is it still the same situation?

If have another option for me i be happy to hear it,
Let's say, if we can assign another premium IP from GCP and connect it to the VM ( This is the easy part, this is not what i need help with )

The help i need is:
To control the second IP inside cPanel, attach it to the addon domain.
and the must important, need to do it with a:
Because of this kind of license, is much more complex and needs your advice guys. ( usually cPanel is able to assign IPs to users, but i have cPanel SOLO )

As i said,
if the addon domain is able to get a public IP as well, on SOLO LICENSE without opening another user.
is will solve the issue with the DNS... ( then i be able to do 4 nameservers, 2 to the main domain and 2 to the addon domain )

If not, i be happy to hear some solution or someone succeed to do it properly.
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Oct 18, 2021
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Hello! There would be no way to modify the DNS via cPanel or WHM if you are using Google's nameservers. If you want your clients to modify their DNS via cPanel, I would recommend configuring custom nameservers that resolve to your cPanel host.

Please let me know if I am misunderstanding you.


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Mar 2, 2020
Orlando, FL
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little bit :)
is very problematic to set it up, the only option to set it up is with your own registry.
with DNSSEC.

this is the only way, i have already talked with GCP about that.
they do not recommend doing it, because all the technology and the performance is in this construction GCP Build for the client.

I gonna do it right now, and i will tell you exactly what the server experience when i try to set it up.

another issue if you can provide me the answer is about dedicating IP to the addon domain without opening a new user for it.
this is because i have cPanel SOLO and i don't want to purchase now 5 accounts because of this.