Addon domain to a full account transfer and now get a 503 error


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Jul 28, 2002
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I have done a couple addon domain to a full domain moves and had no issues but the one today only shows a 503 error after.

The unique thing is it had a sub domain on the addon domain but I removed that before the transfer. Any ideas how I can trouble shoot this? I rebooted apache and php-fpm but still have the error.

Maybe make a full back up and try and try to restore that?

Also when I access the website from the apache link http://104.1.x.x/~username/ it works correctly.

The exact error is:

Service Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Additionally, a 503 Service Unavailable error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
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Nov 14, 2017
I'm glad to see you resolved the issue - though it does sound like there was an issue initially - if the issue occurs again I'd check the Apache error logs for reference on the 503 error you were seeing.