Aug 26, 2002
I haven't been able find any solid description on how the addon domain system works. Does it just park a given domain name over a subdomain of the main site? What options are given to the end user for email @ Can they have separate POP3's for it? or only forwarding? And how about other features like subdomains, will the addon domain name have the ability for those?



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Oct 1, 2001
Hey 360,

That's right. Addon domains are parked domains on top of a subdomain.

They can now have their own POP accounts (up to the limits set on the master domain).

If you go to create a new POP mail account after a domain has been addedon you will see a drop down box appear next to where you nominate the users email address. The drop down will let you pick which domain (master/parked) you would like to use.

The same dropdown appears for forwarders as well.

Subdomains are not available for addon domains.

You will see these changes in the Bluelagoon / Default themes when you drill down through the mail options.