Feb 24, 2003
i too would like to know this ??

I am trying to get 2 additional domain names to point to the same Hosting account by using the addon domian feature...but its not very well documented on how to actually do it, and theres no mention of it in the online manual :(

Any clarification is most welcome




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Apr 29, 2002
w00t. The wonderful world of add-on domains.

Add-on domains are "like" subdomains but they differ.

With a subdomain you create something like and that is exactly what the visitor sees in his url bar.

With an add-on domain you use a domain name that differs from your normal domain name and point that towards a directory.

For instance you register and then point it to

Now is someone goes to the user will see in the browser url but the contents of is displayed.

Theoretically if your host allows you to have add-on domains you have a miniature multi-domain account. is not a fully functional account though. It's not a real account as far as cpanel is concerned and not all account featuers will be available to it. Still, it's very nice.

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Mar 23, 2002
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Adding to Pilgrim's description:

If you want a Domain to point to another one "within the same main account" then use Parked, not Add-on. A Parked domain automatically re-directs to the main account, but allows the use of another URL to point to it. So will point to but use it's own URL. This means, no matter which URL is used, the same pages will be shown.

No directories are created for Parked domains, only an additional code added to the httpd.conf file. All Stats for Parked domains are included within the main account Stats. They are not shown seperately as they are for Sub-domains / Add-on domains, which is something to remember. eMail is also sent to the main account address (using the URL of the Parked domain) although, replies can use the Parked Domain name -- which one would setup in their eMail program.

Experience is the best teacher so a few registered Domain names, used for your purposes in figuring out WHM/Cpanel, is always handy. ;)