Adjust cpanel for clients and more


Sep 3, 2004
I have looked everywhere, but could not find the answer.
I am a reseller and made a test account to try out.
BUT (ofcourse there is a but...)
Can I adjust the cpanel for my clients? Sertain features I want to remove for them so they cannot use it. So for each package they will have more features.
If so, where can I make a new cpoanel or adjust one for each package/client?

Next, when I made my test account, I was searching for the ftp I can use for that. I thought it would be viable automaticly when I made an account. Where can I find the ftp for the new client?

I also made a new package in WHM and choose a langauge. But when I log on the cpanel, it does not appear in that language. When I click on modify in WHM I do see the language I have choosen but it does not appear in cpanel...

And last but not least: Is it not possible to disable thecpanel for new clients? For example: I have a cheap package, where they won't have to use anything in cpanel (exept frontpage) so why activating one. When I make a new package, I must name a cpanel, there is no 'no panel' option.

That will do for the day.

Thanx in advance ppl!
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