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Advanced Smarthosting problem.

Discussion in 'E-mail Discussion' started by mindgrind2183, Apr 19, 2010.

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    Feb 23, 2009
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    I am smarthosting all local email through a relay server, which will loop the emails around to come back to EXIM in the end and end up in the local box. This works up until it gets to EXIMs front door. The .conf sees my entry under Routing Configuration and says “lets loop”. Below is my entry under the democheck in the exim.conf file:

    driver = manualroute
    transport = remote_smtp
    route_list = +smart_domains x.x.x.x

    I have a file with all local domains listed (smartdomains) so when local domain 1 sends to local domain 2 it leaves through a relay and comes back to the server (and this functions and was tested). When it gets to EXIMs front door after leaving, it goes to the smarthost fine. The smarthost sees the mx of the original server (the same server that’s smarthosting FROM), then EXIM loops it and sends it out again into an endless circle.

    I need a condition that stops it from looping or to apply this to just outgoing mail. Maybe I have it in the wrong spot in the conf file, but I put it right under the democheck so I don’t know exactly why it wouldn’t deliver locally first. BTW all localdomains are (and have to stay) in the local domain file. I can’t put them in the remote domains file or my server won’t accept messages which defeats what I want

    I know its nuts but its working partially. I just can’t figure out how get EXIM to exempt the smarthost to deliver locally on inbound email only.

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