Advice migrating from Legacy to new Backup


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Aug 21, 2003
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Looking for some advice on migrating from Legacy Backup to the new Backup, for one of our servers. What I learn from this will help me to do the other servers still using Legacy Backup. Here is some background:
  • We are using Incremental backups today, and plan to do continue so.
  • Backups are done to a separate 2TB drive inside the same server, mounted as /backup
  • We are currently doing a Daily, Weekly and Monthly backup. Between those three backups, the drive is pretty full (96% full, 86GB remaining). The home dir is 571GB.
I've read the Backup System Migration docs, but there is very little information there, and does not at all describe how it handles the current backup files, or how much free space it needs, etc.

Open to ideas, advice, suggestions, etc. Thanks in advance!

- Scott


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Apr 17, 2013
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The backup data and structure remains the same with both these backups, but the directory structure in which it is stored is different.. Instead of migrating it from legacy to new backup, the best thing is to enable new backup, disable legacy backup and when the new backup is ready, you can remove the old legacy backup..

There will not guidelines for how much free space is required because the amount of free space required varies from account to account and depends completely on account size. For example if you are backing up an account that has 500 MB usage, then the temporary storage will be about 500MB and then the archive will be created and the same will be different for an account with 10GB of size.. For incremental backup, you will require the same size free that the account is of..


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Apr 11, 2011

Existing backups are moved to the location referenced under "Directory Structure" on the following document:

Backup System Migration - Version 68 Documentation - cPanel Documentation

They are then retained based on the retention settings you have configured in "WHM >> Backup Configuration". Note that since backups are retained based on date in the new backup system, the backups for terminated accounts are automatically pruned once the date of the last backup they were included with is out of the retention period. Thus, if you want to keep any backups for accounts that were terminated, ensure to setup a separate backup directory and move them there.

Thank you.