Advice on Server Migration


Apr 25, 2005
We will be replacing our old Red Hat 9 server with a Server running Red Hat Enterprise.

I plan to use the cPanel Transfer tool to move the users across to the new server. The only issue that I still have some doubts about is webmail. We have a number of clients who use one webmail client or the other to manage their contacts. If the transfer borks up the webmail accounts, some people are going to be very angry.

The last time I moved accounts to a new server with a different flavor of Linux, I lost all the web mail. Although, that server was not running cPanel, so I did not have access to the transfer feature.

So, has anyone done this kind of migration lately? How did the webmail accounts come across? What was your biggest headache?




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Jan 22, 2005
I've transferred recently.

The only issue I found webmail-wise was that if accounts are transferred individually, the horde database is bundled up in the packaged account and when everything is unpackaged on the destination server it fails to recreate the horde database as it already exists, or will do after one account has been transferred. This might mess up accounts' horde settings.

If you are going to transfer accounts individually, the best option regarding the horde database is to get all accounts transferred asap and then grab a backup of the horde database on the source server, drop the horde database on the destination server and recreate with the backup from the source server.

Nothing else mail-wise went wrong at all. All mail gets moved perfectly and thus should still be accessible through webmail. I've not spotted any issues.

One other thing you'll have to look out for is subdomains not created through Cpanel. I had a client who needed some subdomains set up to point to external IPs and these didn't get recreated, assumedly because Cpanel doesn't know about them as they were created through WHM directly.

I should add in response to "What was your biggest headache?" - nothing was a headache at all, transferring accounts from one cpanel server to another is very easy and nothing to be worried about. Although you might want to keep an eye out for any DBs created outside of Cpanel.


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Aug 10, 2004
in which way is it possible to save horde settings moving an account?

After a transfer some of my clients lost all horde settings (no email accounts).

Thank you for your help