Advice regarding bulk domain parking...

Jamie H

Jan 24, 2014
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Hi everyone,

First time posting, and I know this question has been asked and addresses many times before, but I'm afraid that the solutions provided are above my abilities.

Mock or berate me if you must, it's fine as long as I can get a little help, or at least pointed in the right direction...

Bulk domain parking. It seems this can only be accomplished though scripts. But I am not a php coder and I am finding it difficult to follow along to the information provided.

Is there maybe a guide for dummies out there that someone could point me to, or surely some is already using their own script to park 20 to 50 domains once a week and are maybe willing to share it? Heck, I'll even pay for it! Some kind of remuneration can be arranged...

Any advice or guidance is much appreciated. I don't have my own server, I have a reseller account and I'm new to this...

Thanks again!


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Apr 11, 2011