After Connecting Wix to cPanel, cPanel login doesn't work


Apr 28, 2017
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I have created a website in Wix and pointed it to my domain (which Cpanel is the host). Now I'm trying to login to my Cpanel account to change DNS Configuration, but I can't

I tried:

didn't work.
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Apr 11, 2011

Check to ensure you changed the name servers for your domain name to the ones provided by your web hosting provider. Name servers are updated at your domain registrar.



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Apr 11, 2011
Name servers for domain names are not managed through cPanel. I recommend reaching out to the company you purchased web hosting from to see if they can help determine where your domain name was registered, and provide you with the name servers to use. They should also be able to give you the IP address of the server so you can access cPanel until the DNS changes propagate.

Thank you.


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Mar 3, 2005
Hi geti,

Yes, that can be a tad frustrating. Here are some solutions for you...

I am assuming that you are using your hosting provider's name servers and NOT WIX's name servers. Despite all of WIX's clamoring about it being preferable to use their's... that's not the case. They are simply trumpeting what is most convenient for them.

One way to access your cpanel regardless of the name servers you are using or where your root domain is pointing, is to use the IP address OR the hostname of your hosting server. For example: or http(s):// (or 3 for SSL)

Use your same login username and pwd... and you'll have access to your cpanel. This also works for webmail... just put webmail or 2095 (6 for SSL) at the end and use your full email address and pwd for access.

Now... in the longer run... you can set up canonicals ( to lead to your cpanel (and webmail for that matter). Part of this will depend on how your webhost has set up the cpanel. If they have set up Proxy subdomains, then you should be able to use: and

These will work regardless of where is pointing as the canonical domain is a unique domain. It is assigned to an IP, and in this case it should be assigned to your hosting server's IP. (not WIX's)

Where that tends to get a little more complicated is how your web host has set the various Tweak settings regarding Proxy subdomain creation, overrides and custom records. Let's not get into all that right now.

If the proxy works (, then bingo. What's also possible is that it will redirect to the server hostname and give you a security warning if your webhost has set their whm to always redirect logins to a secure port.

That will only be because it's looking for a cert with your domain name, and it's getting the hostname instead. In that case, it's still OK to proceed... you're not in any danger.

Yes that can be fixed... but again... not the purpose right now. let me know how that all goes for you.
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