After upgrade Advanced Editor & /etc/exim.conf out of sync


Mar 31, 2006
I just upgraded to 11.1.0 and now the exim.conf file shown in the WHM Exim Configuration Editor/Advanced Editor differs substantially from what I see in /etc/exim.conf. Some of the differences appear not in the editable portions of the Advanced editor, but in places that I cannot edit. For example, in the Main Configuration Settings section of the file, the WHM editor shows this line:

system_filter = /etc/antivirus.exim
which no longer appears in my /etc/exim.conf file. It appears to have been replaced with this:
which appears in /etc/exim.conf waaaay up the beginning where, in WHM, the first editable box appears.

So, my questions are these. Which version is correct and how do I get the two versions synchronized to the right one?


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Jan 28, 2005
I found another occurance of this but with something different.

Basically what was happening was all mail from [email protected] and [email protected] was being rejected with:

sender verify defer for <[email protected]>: require_files: error for /root/.spamassassinenable: Permission denied

Turns out there were the exim checks for SA in the exim conf, sa_virtualuser directives, as we run mailscanner these are not used, yet seems to check them anyway, given the fact the config will be re-written on upgrade I figured it best to edit the config via WHM, however the lines in the config file didnt exist there (not even in the non-editable bit) so I needed to manually remove them to get things working again, however I am now concerned that they will re-appear when a newer exim RPM is available.

Any advice greatly welcomed!