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Feb 12, 2002

I am trying to help our client set up the agor cart and have it work with gpg. We set the path to the binary to /usr/bin/gpg as I found it in my system but when we check out we get this error.

ERROR:PGP problem: gpg: [email protected]: skipped: public key not found
gpg: [stdin]: encryption failed: public key not found
FILE: ./library/pgp-lib.plLINE: 190

From reading a bit of the code, it seems to me that the script is executing the binary but it cannot find the public key ...

So I looked at some of the settings and they seem ok. It seems like the keys are being looked for in the pgpfiles directory.

I also noticed the .gpg folder

so I set this in the

$pgp_config_files = &../../.gnupg&;

That did not work either.

Thanks :)