Alabanza Conversion Script


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Feb 12, 2002
I found a post that was about 5 months old regarding the conversion of Alabanza accounts over to CPanel, and wondered if there was an update to this issue... Or if anyone has a solution. Here is the original post:

Nick, I would think that if you wrote a script that would convert Alabanza accounts over to CPanel that it would be a nice selling feature for you!!! If you already have more and more Alabanza customers that are finding CPanel (or you would like to attract more), why not make it a breeze for them to switch over to your CPanel and grow their business with you instead of Alabanza?

You already have an a couple of account copy scripts... If you were on's time when you wrote the original Alabanza conversion script, why not take the code you have now, in CPanel, and customize the work you've done on your own time, to be able to copy Alabanza sites over to CPanel?

For anyone that may be reading this... Nick wrote in the post mentioned above to contact, about the conversion script, because he wrote it on's time. So I contacted and they told me that they would call Nick and discuss it with him. called me back and told me that the Alabanza conversion script was coded to only work with IP's. (Not sure I understand that one. If the script was only coded to work with IP's, why would Nick have suggested to contact them? He wrote the script, and surely would have known if it was coded to only work with IP's. Perhaps it was a polite brush off. By the way, I'm not knocking, they were very nice and got back with me very quickly as promised, and I appreciated that.)

I guess what I don't really understand is... why is this script so proprietary? It copies one account type to another account type. I'm willing to buy it, rent it, lease it, or whatever, but apparently it is just not possible unless you are hosted on the servers? Again, why so proprietary? It's not a script that is likely to get much use, so why not sell it when there is someone who needs it and is willing to pay for it?

Can anything be arranged here? :) I only have one server to convert, but several hundred customers can be a lot of work. If a conversion script is setting on someone's hard drive, why not work something out with ex-Alabanza people on this and make some money in the process? It would save me, as well as other ex-Alabanza people, a lot of work and technical support during the move process.

Any comments would be appreciated.


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Aug 14, 2001
back woods of NC, USA
I have personally done this manually for about 2K domains on 3 servers. And I can tell you that support issues is what you are going to have regaurdless of how you get it done. First off the way the pop mail logins work.. next woul dbe the IP address changes .. the control panel is very different as well.

My advice is to tar um' and move um' and email each to explain what is going on. You should be able to move 500 in a week complete and the next 3 months will be hell. The coolest thing to do is to email everyone and tell them they have an option (with no extra cost to them) to move to a better server with more features. Set them up and give them new IP and login and tell them to tell you when to change DNS over. I did like 300 this way and everyone learned at their own pace with less trouble. This way they also can't yell at you becuase they did the move not you. It's going to be a pain in the ass no matter what. But once you get it done you will be better off :)


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Aug 12, 2001
Email me if you cannot find another way to get away from Alabanza and I will see what I can do with our script...


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Aug 12, 2001
You might also want to contact BenS at VeoWeb ([email protected]) as he has one that does just about everything necessary for conversions. We used it at the tail end of our own migration away from Alabanza to polish off the remaining accounts and it worked pretty well. It isn't exactly for the total faint of heart, as I had to make some adjustments to get it to my liking, but it beats moving each account manually.


Aug 19, 2001
Whilst on the topic of conversions..

Does anyone know of a conversion script to move RAQ3 domains to a cpanel server. I have about 500 domains I need to move. Any assistance greatly appreciated. - Bruce