All of Accounts re-store problem..Important please help me...


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Apr 14, 2003

Our server is down yesterday and all o backup files is deleted by hackers.

My old hard drive is now secondary drive on server.

What can I do ? Or is it possible to get them back for paying??? DC Staff is says ;

"Unfortunately the data is gone. Using ext3 on the disks is the best choice, but it unfortunately means that data cannot be recovered if it is deleted because of the way that file system works. If it had been ext2 it might have been possible.

The only user data available is all the mysql databases.

There is some configuration data which you could look at for reference for recreating accounts. I've mounted that partition (the old /var) and you can see the former cPanel account files in /old/cpanel/users/*, you can recover the users MySQL databases from /old/lib/mysql/*

Sorry that I couldn't give you any better news.

Please help me....