All subdomains on the server displaying 403


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May 7, 2012
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We have been facing this issue since a few hours now. Everything was working fine, all of a sudden a lot of domains and almost every subdomain is displaying 403 forbidden while the clients try to open them. What should I be checking here?


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Oct 2, 2010
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Upon seeing the error, it's probably going to be ownership or permissions. If a bunch of domains are suddenly showing permissions errors either a) the PHP handler was changed to something not compatible with your setup, b) someone changed ownership or file permissions on a slew of directories within /home

The first is easy to check in WHM > Apache Configuration > PHP and SuExec Configuration area.

The second would need to be checked in root SSH. Select one specific account to check and check the folders at each level:

ls -ld /home && ls -ld /home/user && ls -ld /home/user/public_html
Above please replace user with the cPanel username.

The /home partition should be owned by root:root, while /home/user should be owned by user:user and /home/user/public_html should be owned by user:nobody. The contents of public_html should be owned by user:user.