Allow cPanel users to install SSL Hosts if they have a dedicated IP.


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Jan 2, 2006
Hi Can someone possibly let me know how we can prevent users from installing SSL certificates on the main shared IP, but allow them to install a cert if they have a dedicated IP?

Currently, we have tweak settings option "Allow cPanel users to install SSL Hosts if they have a dedicated IP" enabled. We are running Centos 6 cpanel 11.46

I think in the past, this has not allowed the cpanel user to add an SSL certificate if they do not have a dedicated IP. Unfortunately, this no longer prevents them from doing so.

This issue has been compounded by the fact that many site owners are finding their sites linked by Google with the https protocol (not sure why) and if another customer has installed a certificate and does not have a dedicated IP, their site will display in the browser instead of the intended one, so it is causing quite a problem when this happens.

In the feature list, we have SSL Host Installer and SSL Manager enabled.

The only way I can currently see to prevent a user from installing their own certificate on the shared IP, is to disable these features completely.

I'm pretty sure this tweak settings option has worked in the past, but it seems broken currently.