almost have this setup correctly


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Mar 29, 2002

I hope someone can help I am kinda new to the whole linux enviroment.
I have setup cpanel with a test license which is almost up.
I want to make sure I can get it working before I go ahead and buy the full license.

Everything work, but I think I might have the named.conf file wrong.

When I goto http://&ipaddress it comes up great .... I have a domain setup to my server to test it and when I go to it goes . So I wanted to test this too i tried http://&ipaddress&/~login name and it goes to
http://the domainIsetup/~login name (a 404) not

Also Do I need the (named.root) and type hint; zone in the named.conf ?

This is the last thing that is giving me problems so far. Or atleast as far as I know.

Hope someone can help

I have searched this bbs a lot for my answer before posting.
I have found a lot of helpful infomation, but no answer for this question

Also Do I need to make account for my nameservers ? that way if someone would go to and there will be something there ?