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Aug 10, 2002
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This is not really a question that has anything to do with cPanel.

I'm wondering what other hosts are offering for webmail, outside of the Horde and Squirrelmail offering by cPanel. Lately we have had a few concerns raised about the two offerings, and users wanting something different. I can understand where they are coming from. To me Horde is just too complex. Its great for some people, but most people just want a simple webmail client. Squirrelmail is a simple webmail client, but users find the look and feel a bit outdated.

Now it should be pointed out that I'm not asking for cPanel to offer anything else. I'm not after a new webmail client that can be added to the /webmail interface. I am just looking for a good free webmail program that we can install at a central location on our servers and have that application run through the regular Apache web server.

I know there is another thread currently discussing this, some of the suggestions on that thread were nutsmail and dwmail, but those are not free (unless I am mistaken). Rather than hijack that thread, I just started a new one. I am looking for something that is free because I have several servers to install this on and I'm not able to dedicate the amount of money required for a paid application for all of the servers.

I have tried Roundcube. It appeared to lack some features that I was after, specifically e-mail filters and the ability to mark messages as read and unread. I was able to work with some patches and apply some patches from the Roundcube mailing list to get these features, but I've found that they work questionable at best. Also as the cPanel people were saying, I have run into memory and timeout issues when dealing with larger mail folders. This is not a knock against Roundcube, after all the software is in beta and the patches that I applied were unofficial patches.

Another application I have tried is V-webmail. I've really just started testing it today, so I haven't tested it as much as Roundcube, but it seems to be a bit more stable. My main concern regarding V-webmail is that it seems to be a dead project. I'm concerned that it is no longer being updated, and if a security issues arises with it, it would be up to me to patch, and I did not develop the application. I'm wondering if anyone else offers V-webmail in a production environment, have you had any problems with it?

Are there any other webmail applications that I could take a look at? It doesn't seem like there are a lot of good free webmail applications available. And this just may be the case. It may be that if I really want to resolve this, I may have to look into a paid application, but I would really like to exhaust all efforts of the free applications first.

Any input from anybody would be much appreciated.



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Oct 2, 2004
Columbia, MD
As the forum admin for Roundcube, I'd just like to say that the current release candidate has some updated functionality. I believe (though not tested fully myself) that it has the (un)read capability now. The only thing it doesn't have is filters.

But if you're looking for good free webmail, you're going to spend a lot of time looking. SquirrelMail, Horde, NeoMail, V-webmail and Roundcube are the only ones I know about.

I'm not pushing Roundcube, but I love it, and think it's catching up to Squirrelmail (not necessarily in features, but popularity). When Roundcube finally goes full-release, you should see something spectacular!!
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