Feb 4, 2021
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Hi good day!
I am currently using a translator.

I want to request your help, I am starting to mount a cpanel on a VPS server, I am learning from scratch and I am mounting it on Amazon AWS.
In Amazon AWS port 25 SMTP is blocked so I am trying to implement Amazon SES, where they ask me to tell them how I will use the mail and how I will handle bounces and complaints, but I do not understand what it refers to, could you help me to How does webmail handle what AWS requests?

This is the text they write to me:

"You indicated that you do not have a process in place to handle bounces and complaints"

They can help me with a text to be able to request and explain to AWS. and thus be able to continue learning cpanel and VPS

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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! Amazon is just making sure you don't plan to use the server to send spam, and that if you do choose to use a mailing list you have a plan to handle the bounces. That is something you'd need to decide as the server admin, but it may be a good idea to filter bounced messages to your admin email address so you can investigate why the messages bounced and then decide how you'd handle that on your mailing list.