Analog monthly hits reporting is in error


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Mar 25, 2002
Hi all,

A couple of my web site hosting clients on my dedicated server have noticed wild variations in the monthly hits being reported by analog in cpanel. A couple of examples:

Domain #1
Oct 2002 8759
Sep 2002 14
Aug 2002 4
Jul 2002 11120
Jun 2002 6819
May 2002 5617

Domain #2
Oct 2002 236246
Sep 2002 10040
Aug 2002 126
Jul 2002 150286
Jun 2002 162358

What what wrong in Aug and Sep 2002 for both these domains? I can state categorically that nothing special (ie no down-time) was going on with these domains during the months that their monthly hits seem to take a terminal nose dive before recovering completely as if nothing had happened.

The visitors were still coming to their sites during these times. As I see it, the problem must lie either

a) With analog reporting
b) cpanel
c) the writing to the logs

or some combination of the above.

Has anyone else observed this problem, and if so, did you ever get to the bottom of it?

I should hasten to add that this problem only seems to have impacted on a few of my hosted accounts, so it's not like it's a server-wide problem. Weird.

I'm just wondering what to tell my clients. &Oops, sorry it won't happen again&? Hmmm, maybe, but if I don't know why it happened in the first place, then I don't feel very confident giving out this advice.

Thanks for your comments.