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Nov 19, 2003
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This new pricing model destroys many small hosters and forces them to switch to Plesk.

Plesk Web Host Edition is already available for $ 15 and I can host unlimited accounts on it.

Our end customers do not accept these new prices. We have already received the first cancellations.

The prices of the competition sink more and more, which is why it is difficult to be competitive with a cPanel system. But with this price increase, we will probably have to separate from cPanel.:(

I hope this decision will be reconsidered.


Jun 27, 2019
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The staff that helps us here on the forums are not the ones making these decisions. I do hope that everyone remembers that if and when they do chime in here. They are great people who have been nothing but helpful the whole time I have been a member of this community, especially Michael and Lauren.

I'm glad you've had positive experiences but even Laruen liked your post, so they're reading it and have no response? Pretty bad showing if you ask me. I imagine they're being told not to, which is even worse really.
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Aug 22, 2006
How bunk accounts will be charged?

When I buy a Tier i'm charged in buy time. I will be charged in next mouth?

And if I create a new account passing from 100 accounts, and delete it before the month ends. I will be charged?

Bill Kish

Jun 27, 2019
Oxford, MI
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I have been a cPanel client since the start. So here is what you cPanel just did to all of the small to medium sized hosting clients. You made us pass along increases, eat the costs or move to Plex.

My invoice increased 40% FORTY PERCENT. Oh but you are giving me a 10% discount. This is highway robbery. What you should of done was made small incremental raises over the course of a couple years.

cPanel thinks they are the only game in town, but they are not.

Only give us 100 accounts per server and then rape us for each account above that? What is that?

I have never been so upset with a vendor. In fact, I have never received such a large month to month cost increase EVER.

What is everyone going to do, we are still weighing our options...

Thiago Sabaia

Sep 25, 2011
Belford Roxo, Brazil
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These prices are horrible.

It will break with the hosting market, and you will be the most harmed.

Several users of cPanel will not be able to pay a license with this absurd price and will use competing panels.

Not to mention that this will open space for a new competitor, because they will take advantage of your price change to launch a functional and fair price panel, attracting customers who are frustrated with cPanel.

Rethink this price table, it will be better for you and for us.


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Nov 25, 2011
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I foresee that a lot of cPanel webhosts will be moving to Plesk within the next couple of months...
A price increase of 500+% with a couple of months notice is bat-**** crazy.

This is a huge mistake...
Absolutely not - if they actually go through with this then no one would make the mistake of moving to Plesk - the are owned by the same company.
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Oct 12, 2012
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In the email you mentioned you brought us so much!

Yes, today I do thank you for the Add-on domain to cPanel account feature. Now my clients can in 2 clicks make a hosting company pay more.

You focused a lot on mails recently, are you going to move to a number of emails received pricing model ?

I'm really having a hard time to digest this outrageous and totally disrespectful change.

We clients brought you here and that's how we are rewarded to be your client.

Companies built their business model around yours and you change in a 2 months notice.

Even your own employees confessed that they were puzzled by this move. Hope that these guys will have a raise, but I'm sure they won't.

NOC Account isn't a partner account, it is a "cash cow account"



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Nov 23, 2007
800% increase of price, it’s mad, we will definitely migrate our servers to other control panel and I hope all other providers will do the same and boycott the cPanel/Plesk completely as they need to learn the lesson hard way. Plesk will follow shortly as it’s controlled by the same shareholders.
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