Anonymous FTP only allowed on one IP


Nov 3, 2008
United Kingdom
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Root Administrator
I have anonymous FTP for downloads enabled on my 11.30 server running PureFTP so a client can go to in a browser. That domain is set-up on a dedicated IP address and it works fine.

However, I don't want this functionality for anyone else on the server, but even if I turn off anonymous FTP in cPanel on the domains on the other IP address it still logs people in to show the contents of /var/ftp/ when you go to

I have deleted the folder /var/ftp/ which forces to throw up an authentication box in most programs, but in Chrome and some FTP clients it just displays an error.

The problem is I have sites on the other IP which must challenge for user/pass when a person enters as clients usually just enter the domain name and then wait for an authentication box.

Anyone know how to allow proper anonymous FTP on one IP and disable it completely on another?

Thanks very much for any pointers...