Any advice in importing multiple email accounts?

Jonathan More

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Apr 21, 2011

I am migrating from Parallel reseller shared hosting to cPanel dedicated server and I belive that I have to do this all manually. I have maybe about 20 sites that has pop and imap accounts, so is my only option to create old and new account to my thunderbird/Outlook and transfer all the mails from account to another in there? What would be better choice, thunderbird or Outlook? Some clients (only few luckily) have up to 200 mb mailboxes, can I transfer those all in one go, or is it adviceble to transfer in smaller parts?

Any advice how to make this as painless as possible?


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Oct 2, 2010
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You may wish to ask the users who are willing to do so if they could download any messages permanently that they don't need to keep on the server. This way the data is far smaller for the transfer. As for using Thunderbird or Outlook for the data, I don't know which is a better option for a massive download and transfer to another machine.

Also, if you were somehow able to get sudo su access to the machine (if the provider would be willing to give this to you), you could transfer these accounts using WHM > Transfers area at that point. We don't require direct root password, but we do require that the shell user can sudo to root level.