SOLVED Any downside in turning on PHP-FPM for domains that do not use PHP?


Jun 26, 2016
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I just upgraded my server to CENTOS 7 and as part of that process I set each of my domains to use PHP 7.3 and deleted the earlier versions of PHP.

The next issue is deciding whether to turn on PHP-FPM for all of my domains or only the domains that actually have PHP activity.

The domains I have can be grouped as follows.
2 parked domains (no activity)
3 domains that only serve web pages and pdf files
2 domains that serve PHP scripts, web pages and various file formats (pdf, txt, jpg, etc) says:
“As of cPanel & WHM version 78, the system enables PHP-FPM by default...”

Is there any downside to turning PHP-FPM on for all of my domains? Since the above reference indicates that PHP-FPM will be ‘on’ by default for all new installations of cPanel/WHM, that seems to imply there is no downside to turning on PHP-FPM for domains that do not do any PHP.

Can anyone confirm/deny?
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