Any known problems/issues with DNS Clustering?


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Nov 5, 2001
We are thinking to switch our servers to use DNS Clustering.

Are there any known issues or problems? Any "gotcha's" that might pop up?

For me, the advantage to dns clustering is the "ease of use" for nameservers for our clients. Since cpanel doesn't support clustered web services (different server for mail/web/db, etc), there is little technical advantage to have dns on another server.. Since if the "main server" is dead, then having working dns is little help.

BUT, having the ability to always have the SAME nameservers for every server, is a nice feature since most of our clients are not techy, and get confused easily when we ask them what server they are on to figure out what nameservers they "should" be using, etc. It would be nice to just always give them "ns1/ns2/ns3/" and that's it.