Any plans to fix autodiscover for Outlook clients?


Jan 24, 2018
Melbourne, Australia
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I note the cPanel Documentation:

The AutoConfigure (AutoConfig) and Autodiscover services quickly and easily configure a user’s mail client to receive their cPanel email. These services work with Microsoft Outlook®, Outlook Express®, Thunderbird, and most other popular mail clients.

The Autodiscover feature doesn’t work with email addresses that you add in the following email clients:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2016
  • Microsoft Outlook 2019
  • Microsoft Outlook for Office 365
  • Any mobile email client.
Now that it's 2021, most clients that use Outlook have moved to either Outlook 2019 or Outlook 365 on their desktop, and many want to use Outlook for Android or iOS on their phones. Often, they have a work email account that provides this software and they'd like to add their IMAP accounts hosted on cPanel servers as well.

It seems really curious that cPanel simply state their Autodiscover implementation wont work with these modern email clients. Sure, Microsoft has changed something, I get that, but these clients are deployed to millions of computers, and in many end user cases, are the only application the user knows how to use or is comfortable with.

Configuring IMAP settings, for a non technical user, is a major challenge. Obviously, as that is the reason the Autodiscover protocol was developed, I guess.

It's not much good having an Autodisover that only supports deprecated clients and Thunderbird. Does anyone know if cPanel has any plans to update their implementation? Is there a way to work around this problem?